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Why Le Prince Noir we hear you cry? – Well, the locals know just what we're talking about, but as you're probably not local here's a short explanation as to how we came by our name.

Back in 1337 a young man named John Chandos, already well known for his great bravery in battle, became counsel to Prince Edward, the future ‘Black Prince' (Prince Noir) of England. He was charged with the training of the Prince's army and was to lead them into many battles. At one such battle, after a planned surprise attack on the Abbey at St Savin in the Vienne, (that back fired when they lost their way in the night), he was mortally wounded by ‘Le Pont' on the river Vienne at Lussac-les-Châteaux, where we had our original office.

The tomb of John Chandos can still be found today, situated in Le Pont just down the road from that first office, and the English connection here in Lussac, as well as all over the region that we cover, is firmly fixed in history. This whole area is right on the borders of what used to be France and England in the Middle Ages and so we usually reassure our French neighbours that our name is not in fact a declaration of war, but an affirmation of the long history that the British have with this region !


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